2 Eucalyptus Grandis Plantation Farms in Lows Creek, Mpumalanga - 215Ha

2 Adjoining plantation tree farms with a combined area of 215.6380Ha.  The farms are situated in a fertile and popular timber farming area, approximately 12km from the N4 Kaapmuiden Road, and 13km from Lows Creek. This land is extensively used for timber farming of Eucalyptus trees of various ages and is in fair proximity to the mill. 

In terms of the products harvested from this plantation, which include slats, droppers and fencing poles, the rotation is between 1year and 4 years. It is well known that this area produces good yields per hectare in view of the deep soils and prominent mist belt that occurs.

3200 Eucalyptus grandis Trees are planted per hectare, due to the fact that the sizes of the trees related to the products that they are harvested for are much smaller.

There are 2 old and derelict structures on the property which are used by the farm hands.

Over and above the water rights supply, the average rainfall measured at 730mm at an effective rate of 20%, the area has good natural water.

NB: Where the farmer elects to deforest the farming of invasive species, and plant indigenous trees or crops, i.e. Macadamia Trees, Citrus, etc, the famer will be rewarded with additional water rights for each Ha that is cleared.




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