Why Auctions Work

1010 Reasons Why Auctions Work for Sellers:

Low Risk, Low Cost
The seller’s fee to the auctioneer covers inspection of the property, marketing, advertising and catalogue production costs. But if there’s no successful sale, there’s no commission. 

Ease and Efficiency
When the hammer falls, the deal is done: no protracted negotiations, suspensive clauses, or intermediaries. 

There’s a Buzz
Auctions can be thrilling events. It’s our job to intensively market your property, so that the maximum numbers of prospective bidders turn up on the day. 

No Deals Behind Closed Doors
Every transaction takes place transparently and in the open, with any terms and conditions available for public scrutiny. 

The Sky’s the Limit
There’s no ceiling on the maximum price your property can fetch. Often, this means higher final prices than more traditional methods of sale. 

It’s Done on the Day
There’s a high degree of certainty that your property will be sold. In tough markets, that’s a huge bonus. 

You’re in Control
As a seller, you set a minimum reserve price. So at no point in the process will there be any uncertainty. 

No Commission
The buyer covers the auctioneer’s commission. Not you! 

Serious Buyers Only
They’re aware that you genuinely intend to sell your property – so they’ll compete for the deal.  

It’s Quick
It can take as little as four weeks from signing a mandate to confirming the sale. And between eight and ten weeks from the instruction to sell, to the registered transfer of an auctioned property or asset.


Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Sell with BidEasy 

Only Professional Auctioneers
One of the key elements of an auction’s success is the person holding the gavel. We utilise the skills of the top auctioneers in the industry. 

The Best Buyer Database
All our previous buyers details are entered into our national database, combined with a comprehensive database built up of many years in the industry - this allows us to email the right people about your property, in an instant. 

Easy Access
We are always available and offer buyers a total auction solution. 

In Good Company
We are BEE compliant and have a successful and dynamic team with year of experience in this industry. 

A Name Built on Trust
We have created a brand based of innovation and excellence. What we give is quality service and what we get are results. 

Marketing Mavericks
Our marketing team is committed to constantly evolving our approach to auctions. We’re here to make your assets shine, and will carry out a strategically developed marketing plan to ensure maximum media exposure. 

A Digital Resource
We have created our online resource for buyers searching for quality investments. Check out www.bideasy.co.za. 

In your City, Around your Country
BidEasy have a national footprint. ‘Think of us as your one stop auction experts.